Mashup - Fashion Tech and Wearable Energy April 04 2015, 0 Comments

All power that we use is renewable. Well not yet and it isn't going to be for a very long time. However, at EnergyBionics, we'll do our part to help make it happen. One way we intend to do this is by a mashup of fashion tech and wearable energy.

Most will agree that it seems ironic that we all have a challenge with powering our mobile devices and at the same time, we all have an endless supply of ambient energy readily available throughout our day. Similar to the natural environment, humans will always need energy to power the built environment including our mobile devices, sensors, and everything else. This need for power will never change, ever. What will change is where and how we get this power.

We aim to help solve our energy problem, specifically powering mobile devices, by leveraging the latest in energy harvesting technology. We embed this technology into wearable applications and all concealed in a fashionable accessory that's easily integrated into daily living. Carbon, shown above, is a great example of this approach and represents the latest in energy harvesting and mobile device charging technology packaged in an analog wrist watch. Carbon, by EnergyBionics, is a fashion tech and wearable energy mashup!