34 Countries December 29 2014, 0 Comments

We set out to solve an energy problem and in doing so, we suggested an entirely new approach to keeping our mobile devices powered. Those who have created something new from merely an idea understand what this means. That is, the uphill struggle of developing, testing and validating an idea that hasn’t ever been through this process.

It seems that many portable energy products on the market today are merely slight variations of products that have already been developed. There isn’t anything wrong with this approach and it’s understandable why many companies do this. It’s safe, the financial returns may be more predictable and the ideas have already been tested.

However, we chose a different approach and defined an entirely new path. Sure there are many uphill struggles with this method but it’s also damn exciting! To create something that is entirely new, to imagine what wearable energy could be and to see our new energy harvesting concept get the support from around the world really is extremely rewarding.

And so we thought the above graphic, showing the locations of our first wearable energy supporters, would be a great reminder to us of what we have accomplished. Representing 34 countries, these supporters seem like they might have our same spirit and we are ever grateful!