Global Travelers Need Wearable Energy December 06 2014, 0 Comments

Wow what a world we live in! Aside from the hand full of countries where it's a risk to visit, there are no real boundaries for global travelers. It seems that the whole world is so accessible these days. And there are now so many mobile devices that make global travel less of a risk.

Most people would likely agree that our mobile devices have improved our daily lives and really do help when we are traveling to far away places. Yes we all know the many benefits of smartphones, and less favorable aspects as well, but what about all the other mobile devices. GoPro cameras are a must have travel accessory but what about those really cool UV water purification pens by SteriPen? And of course we must have our Google Glass as well. Well maybe not everyone will have these items but you probably get the point.

Wearable Solar

Most of you are probably aware that wearable solar is gaining some momentum lately as a solution to solving some of our energy problems. You know, the energy problems that we all have with keeping our mobile devices powered. Maybe the best sign of this wearable solar trend is the entry of Tommy Hilfiger into the wearable solar market. Yes it's true that Tommy Hilfiger introduced their own take on what wearable solar should look like.

Here at EnergyBionics, we also have our own version of what wearable solar, or rather what wearable energy, should look like. Our first product, Carbon, combines wearable solar into a watch. However, unlike the Tommy Hilfiger and many other wearable solar designs, our vision of wearable energy is much more subtle. That is, you would not be aware that Carbon is capable of harvesting solar energy, storing this energy and then charging your mobile device. And so we use fashion in the form of a watch, to discretely integrate wearable solar into your global traveling lifestyle.